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Is this you?

You have a successful blog or website, and you want to introduce advertising on your site. So you sign up for ad networks such as Google Adsense, and your site has now begun to generate revenue. However, as your site grows, you are now getting inquiries from companies who want to advertise on your site directly. And you are now realizing that you can make more with your website by accepting direct advertising.

But where do you begin? You investigate services like Google Ad Manager, but they seem much more complicated than necessary. You don't care about auctions or CPMs. Instead, you simply want to charge a company a certain price to display their ad on your site for a certain length of time. That's where we come in.

Simple Ad Sales is a self-serve ad management tool that specializes in the direct sales of sponsorship ads (ads that are displayed for a specified amount of time). Publishers simply need to set up an ad zone, specify a price schedule, and embed a snippet of code onto their website where their ad should be displayed. Everything else from the sales process to the ad delivery is automatically handled by our systems. This way, you can concentrate on your website, and all the aspects of your direct sales can be automatically taken care of for you.

Here's how it works...

Once approved as a publisher, you can set up as many ad zones as you like for your website. For example, you can have one ad zone for your home page, one ad zone for your internal pages, or a common ad zone across all the pages of your website.

For each ad zone you create, our systems will generate a unique HTML code snippet and sales URL for that ad zone. Simply put that HTML code snippet onto the corresponding page within your website.

When a company expresses interest in placing an ad in one of your ad zones, all you need to do is redirect that advertiser to the ad zone's sales URL that our systems previously provided.

From there, we manage the sales process for you. Via Simple Ad Sales, your advertiser will: (1) choose the dates during which the ad should be displayed, (2) specify the contents of that ad, and (3) pay for that ad through our secure payment process.

Since you previously placed the HTML code snippet our systems generated onto your website already, there is nothing else you need to do. Your advertiser's ad will automatically begin to show on your website during the dates your advertiser specified.

What you get...
Flexible Ad Formats

Because every site is designed differently, we support multiple ad sizes so that you can choose the one that best fits your web pages. We also support both banner ads as well as text-based ads. So your advertisers don't even need design skills to start advertising on your site.

Campaign Management

With Simple Ad Sales, you're in control. You have the ability to approve or reject any ad campaigns in case you feel the contents of the ad are objectionable or competes with your site.


Your advertisers want to know how many people are actually seeing their ads? Simple Ad Sales will keep track of the number of impressions as well as number of clicks on a daily basis so they will know exactly how their campaigns are performing.

Ad Updates

One of your advertisers wants to update an ad? They can do so any time during the course of their ad campaign without making another purchase.

Email Reminders

Our systems will automatically notify your advertisers whenever their ad campaigns have been approved as well as when any campaigns are ending soon so that they can be renewed.